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I began looking into what I call 'protective walls'. I started studying bunker structures from the Second World War. The structures are very complex, because of the casting methods, which took place in the locations where they where used. Through experimentation with scale models and casting methods with the shapes from the bunkers I came to a form, which embodies the protection and strength of the structures. This form led to the design of the Bunker Alphabet.

The walls had been used later in history and here I found that during the Cold War, they re-appeared in the way people constructed houses with Fallout Shelters. A fallout shelter is a bunker inside one's house, which is a space to go if there should be an atomic attack.

The obervation, that war architecture had gone from being exterior (public) to interior (private) between 1945-1960 became the focus for this research in protective walls.

In the installation people can walk inside the bunker alphabet and at the same time stand above it and read the title of it, which in the first installation is "Stay Behind". I had placed some descriptive text pieces about the Stay Behind spy groups from the Cold War, a hidden bunker in Denmark, the danish states laws on 'protective walls' in fallout shelters in the 60's and an overview of the Bunker Alphabet. These are all texts from my research, which are attached below.

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Stay Behind (2014) Plaster, bunker alphabet 6000mm x 5000mm x 2000mm alphabeth1.jpg
Bunker Alpabeth (2014) Font lille.jpg bunkers.jpg regulationer_1.jpg